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JASMIIN is a contemporary womenswear brand which was created out of a desire to balance modernity and femininity, without compromising on sustainability. While sitting together as a cohesive collection each item is crafted individually as a timeless piece with the ability to transcend seasons. From a large pool of inspiration, vintage elements are brought back to life through a contemporary lens, with the use of modern cuts and innovative fabrics.

Founder and Designer Laura Jasmine has taken her 10 years’ experience and focused it towards creating empowering pieces for the modern woman. Through the longing to create a wardrobe formed of timeless stylish pieces instead of trend led fashion, each Jasmiin garment is created with the ability to sit effortlessly alongside staple items within your wardrobe.


Sustainability is at the very core of the brands creation and design philosophy. All fabrics, labels and packaging are carefully sourced to ensure the brand is as environmentally conscious as possible. We are proud to utilise innovative recycled materials and fabrics harvested from certified renewable sources.


 JASMIIN is designed and produced in East London (UK) so each piece travels as short a distance as possible before finding its way to your wardrobe. This small design and production loop helps keep the environmental footprint of each garments as low as possible. 

Ensuring to be in line with the brands zero-waste philosophy, each style is produced in micro quantities or Made-To-Order individually, with re-orders being places on styles only once items sell out. We feel that this slower more reactive method of production is much more sensible and kinder to our planet.

At JASMIIN we don't design in collections made up of outfits, instead we focus on designing beautiful individual pieces that will stand the test of time and become investment pieces within your wardrobe. 


If or when your JASMIIN garment unfortunately reaches the end of its life, we offer all customers a return service where by items can be posted back to us to be recycled through a certified 3rd party textile recycling firm to ensure every JASMIIN garment can move onto its next life.

Alongside the textile recycling service we offer, all of our TENCEL™ garments are fully biodegradable and will therefore naturally decompose in soil.

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